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 Wilson has been teasing a revolution in the racquet current market for awhile now and it has lastly arrived. The all new Wilson Clash line is built by Wilson to counter today’s stiffly designed frames with one particular that is uniquely versatile without having losing any electric power or spin. The Clash 100 Tour is the heavier of the two first versions of the Clash. Like the standard Clash 100, it leverages two essential innovations. FreeFlex carbon mapping lays the carbon fiber in new means, allowing Wilson to create new flex details and bend the body in instructions competing racquet’s just cannot. The Clash utilizes StableSmart body geometry to balance the exceptional versatility with the balance vital to counter huge hitting. With the Clash poised to upend the imagining that electric power and stiffness have to go hand in hand, I was enthusiastic to hit the courtroom with the new Clash 100 Tour.


A great deal like its lighter brother, the Clash 100 Tour’s straightforward electric power was instantly apparent. The 24.5 mm beam and beefier 11.four oz strung fat allowed me to deliver straightforward electric power and penetrating shots off both sides. There was a sizable sweet location on the 100 square inch head and I felt the Tour experienced a far more reliable electric power degree exterior the string bed. The body was continue to straightforward to speed up even with the excess fat, building a great deal of racquet head speed for placing speed on groundies. For me, the Tour performed far more erratically than the standard 100. The racquet experienced a substantial start angle and if I did not arrive above the ball adequate, the excess mass despatched a good deal far more balls sailing lengthy. The Tour again excelled at medium rally balls but struggled with manage when I pressed the fuel during rallies. There was a great deal of spin off both wings for me, as the racquet’s sixteen x 19 sample is quite greatly spaced. I enjoyed the quantity of air I could get less than the ball on my backhand and was able to use the excess internet clearance to terrific influence defensively. The Clash 100 Tour was really stable versus speed but I was astonished that it did not look dramatically much better than the common 100 regardless of the excess half ounce of fat (probable mainly because of the far more headlight balance). I ended really preferring the common 100 off the ground as it felt a bit far more controlled and I did not sense like I experienced to sacrifice ant balance or pop.   


Volleys & Serves

Even though the beam width and geometry designed the Clash 100 Tour look clunky, it performed with speed at the internet. I experienced no difficulty maneuvering the body around and immediately flipping it above to volley from both sides. The effective character of the racquet allowed me to immediately complete off any substantial volley and I could effectively drive volleys through the courtroom and into the corners. The extensive string spacing sometimes floated volleys far more than intended, primarily if I was not intense adequate in my tactic. The flex of the racquet supplied superior capability to bleed speed off the ball and fall shorter volleys again above the internet. The reliable balance of the Tour allowed me to fight off tricky shots and also assisted make sure extend volleys were being reliable adequate to get again above the internet.


Serving with the Clash 100 Tour was after again a query of discovering balance. There was so substantially electric power on faucet that I experienced to make certain not to get too intoxicated by it. Flat serves were being most efficient when I concentrated on a comfortable, smooth movement and was not above-hitting. Nearly anything I went for too substantially on was inevitably likely to sail way lengthy. But at seventy five% swing speed, I uncovered I could provide with reliable speed and courtroom penetration, picking up adequate free details to continue to be perilous. While not dropping serves on a dime, I did locate I could move my provide around the box and move from likely down the T to getting serves out extensive. Second serves were being terrific again thanks to the straightforward acceleration and spin pleasant string sample. Kick serves leapt off the courtroom and experienced adequate speed and top to induce a great deal of problems. My slice provide benefited from the excess mass of the Tour product, skidding lower through the courtroom on the ad side. This proved to be a reliable sample for me as I could drag opponents extensive and then have a great deal of courtroom room to goal early in the level.


As with the common Clash 100, the sense of the Clash 100 Tour was in a classification all its very own. It performed with a exceptional mix of crisp call sense with a recognizable flex at the rear of it. The feedback is substantially closer to modern day frames than the flexy sticks of outdated but I could continue to substantially far more pocketing on the string bed than any existing electric power concentrated body. The ball exits the string bed with the velocity of a substantially firmer racquet and the audio it designed reminded me of hitting a rigid body with poly strings and no dampener. It was a psychological adjustment for me to match the audio and speed of the ball with the sensation of flex the racquet experienced. I could notify the tech in the Clash went past just decreasing the RA of the body as it was flexy, but not in a conventional method. The body was extremely relaxed, even with a organization polyester string in it. The 100 Tour should really be ready to engage in by a extensive wide variety of gamers and will provide a substantially greater degree of comfort and ease than almost any other possibility.  


The Wilson Clash line seems poised to potentially disrupt the current market of rigid, electric power tennis frames that have flooded the current market nowadays. The Clash 100 Tour provides a bit far more electric power than the standard product whilst continue to providing the very same spin, balance and one particular of a kind sense. Players who like far more mass as well as these with topspin weighty mechanics are poised to get the most gain from this product. The Wilson Clash 100 Tour rewards modern day strokes with straightforward electric power, spin, defensive balance, far more flex and comfort and ease than almost just about anything else getting offered nowadays.  



Matt Locke HeadshotAbout the Author: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 a long time as the Junior Packages & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR licensed mentor and is an active USTA four.5+ League and Event player. He loves Nadal’s determination, but secretly needs he experienced Federer’s effortless fashion.



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