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Tecnifibre Triax Bridges the Hole between Multi and Poly Tennis Strings

Tecnifibre has been a chief in producing the greatest tennis strings all around the globe for a long time. In 1983, the model commenced working with polyurethane for the building of their synthetic strings and the rest as they say is historical past. Just about every manufacturer below the sunshine now utilizes polyurethane to produce far more relaxed multifilament strings.

Around the last several many years, Tecnifibre has been mixing various resources to test and generate the “missing link” involving the stiffer, regulate-oriented polyester string and softer, much more impressive multifilament string. The brand’s latest addition, Triax, appears to be like to close that hole by creating an interior Multi-Poly Fusion. 

Triax is produced of 50% polyamide fibers and 50% thermo enhanced polyester. Tecnifibre included their anti-abrasion SPL coating to greatly enhance the strings toughness. In their analysis, Tecnifibre found Triax to engage in 15% firmer than a usual multifilament, and absorb 15% extra shock than an average monofilament. Possibly most striking is their claim that Triax is 50% much more long lasting than the normal multifilament string.

Tecnifibre Triax Cross Section


Whole Disclosure, I tested Triax with skepticism, as I think about myself addicted to the controlled and company sense of polyester strings. Though stringing Triax, it felt quite much like a multifilament and it stretches fairly a little bit. I have a tendency to string polyester at or all around 50 pounds, and I made a decision to string Triax at 56/58 lbs . to counteract some of the strings’ electrical power. I got myself all psyched up, and headed to the courts for the play take a look at.



Tecnifibre Multi-Poly Fusion Tennis Strings

A single of the hallmarks of a sleek polyester string, is that it realigns or “snaps-back” in line following contact. With most artificial and multifilament solutions, aggressive swings result in a string bed with deflected strings that require to be straightened to keep a reliable response. For the to start with a number of hours, Triax realigned just like a polyester, and it did not have to have any straightening right after lengthy rallies or heavier floor strokes.

Triax’s ability to snap back again, assisted continue to keep the playtest concentrated on the overall overall performance of the string alternatively of the actuality it was a multifilament.


Really feel & Comfort

Triax is yet another arm-friendly and snug string from Tecnifibre. It performed with additional relative stiffness than a string like NRG or X-1 Biphase, but way a lot more explosive and plush than a polyester. Volleys were straightforward to regulate and packed plenty of electric power. 


Power, Spin, & Management

When definitely heading just after groundstrokes, the handle and spin likely of Triax was conveniently evident. Whilst in excess of hitting can however come about, balls strike outdoors the sweet place seemed to locate their way into the court as opposed to traveling more than the baseline. Triax gives a nice improve of electrical power on place-away volleys and it supplies much a lot more electricity return and resiliency than any polyester. The string handles these 3 characteristics as impressively as any multifilament on the current market.


String Durability Graphic


Most multifilaments supply consolation and feel but at the expenditure of sturdiness. Triax did a superior career resisting notching from the outset, but I did get started to recognize some minor fraying all over the 15-16 hour mark. The string exhibited stable snap again for a fantastic time period of time, but as the string floor turned additional worn, realignment suffered a little bit. Despite the string fraying a little bit, it remained playable for a extended time period of time.


All round

Tecnifibre might be on to anything with their new fusion string class. Triax maintains the consolation and truly feel of an fantastic multifilament string, with improvements in command and sturdiness. Polyester features a predictable, sometimes dead sense, but the mix can place pressure on elbow joints. Triax is a a lot more arm friendly string solution that maintains control. Though our source is confined, electronic mail samj@tennisexpress.com if you are interested in tests Tecnifibre’s new Triax string.

Note: This playtest was conducted at 56/58 kilos in a HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour.


Sam Jones USRSA Certified Tennis Express Content TeamAbout the Author/Playtester Sam Jones:

Sam presently is effective at Tennis Convey on the Content material Marketing and advertising team. He previously performed at Southwestern College, taught tennis for 10+ decades and attained his Learn Racquet Technician Certification in 2011. He is an energetic USTA League and Tournament player at the 5.+ amount.


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