Tecnifibre’s new Polyester String: The Ice Code Cometh

Tecnifibre New LogoTecnifibre provides to polyester string family with Ice Code

New off their partnership with common garments producer Lacoste, Tecnifibre is rebranding with a new logo to rejoice 40 many years in tennis. The very first new products to sport the new glimpse is an skilled group polyester string called Ice Code.

Next in the footsteps of Crimson Code, Black Code, and Razor Code, Ice Code is touted to be a far more impressive polyester for demanding, high-amount players. In accordance to Tecnifibre’s substantial playtesting, players knowledgeable ten% far more energy with the new string about Black Code, and 18% far more energy than their most managed polyester, Razor Code.

As part of the brand’s new picture, Ice code is a Diamond white color that has deep roots in tennis record. Ice Code has a slick spherical profile that feels amazingly rigid in your fingers, but Tecnifibre claims the string has never-right before-viewed “highly reactive” houses to help players produce far more energy.

A staple of the Tecnifibre polyester section is their Thermocore know-how. With Thermocore, they vary the temperature during the production method to soften the material and framework of the string.

Ice Code uses Thermocore, but also a new know-how called Higher Crystallinity Degree or HCD Processing. HCD slows down the method of production to (like a diamond) align the material’s molecular chain to greatly enhance strength return and experience.

Even though Ice Code is a impressive polyester, it has been built for players with elite racquet head speed and excellent control. Ice Code is intended to give far more controllable energy, and not just one at the expense of the other.

On court I can say that Ice Code performs like a supercharged polyester. I can not say I wholly recognize Tecnifibre’s Ice Code know-how, but I can say it is an explosive participating in polyester which I imagined was unachievable. It had excellent touch, and good spin generation with Ice Code at forty eight kilos. A further intriguing part of Ice Code, is the stress servicing and resistance to notching. If you are fan of any of Tecnifibre’s polyesters like Black Code, Crimson Code, or Razor Code, you need to give Ice Code a go. Black Code is Tecnifibre’s softest polyester string and just one of the most common gentle polyesters all-around. It performs easily impressive. Ice Code feels a touch firmer than Black Code, but at contact is incredibly explosive. I don’t necessarily mean to say the ball flies, or there is a decline of control, it looks like you get a “controllable boost” when striking an aggressive shot.

Ice Code Revisited (ten days later on)
Consequently significantly, Ice Code has played remarkably reliable. It is straightforward to predict the response of the string mattress, and however the string moves and re-aligns, it has thus significantly avoided any critical notching.

Ice Code is just one of the most arm friendly polyesters I have employed, and I don’t end matches with a sore elbow and shoulder, as I may possibly with stiffer polyesters. I experience the stress servicing has been shut to ideal-in-class for a co-polyester mono-filament building. With a softer polyester like Black Code, you can get away with stringing a handful of kilos tighter for far more control. But with Ice Code I received the ideal of all worlds, control, surprising energy, and excellent ease and comfort at a reduced stress.

Ice Code drops May fifteenth and is accessible at Tennis Express!

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