ten Very best Tennis Overgrips for 2019

If you have at any time played tennis in very hot, muggy temperatures and missing your racquet due to a sweaty grip then you know how vital an overgrip can be!



Discovering the most effective overgrip for on your own although isn’t normally quick. There are so many solutions and you never know if any overgrip will experience wonderful in your palms. As a result of many grip playtests and a lot of very hot temperatures, I have observed ten overgrips that are definitely the most effective on the current market for retaining your racquet deal with in wonderful situation. I will break down the 5 most effective tacky overgrips and 5 most effective absorbent overgrips so you can easily discover a person you like.


5 Very best Tacky Overgrips


  1. Tourna MegaTac

This a person surprised me rather a bit and is definitely a phenomenal choose. I was not expecting the tackiness of this overgrip to be regular for such a long time. Just like the label states it’s seriously “the tackiest grip at any time built!” At very first, the grip feels practically also tacky due to the fact your hand feels caught to your racquet deal with and doesn’t go. Nonetheless, as it starts to get a very little moisture the tackiness a little goes down and allows your hand go more easily without having anxiety of dropping your grip. If you cease utilizing your racquet for 1-2 minutes, the grip will dry rapidly and experience just as tacky as before. In excess of time the grip will get dirty, but it doesn’t shed a good deal of its tackiness. It took me about twenty five-thirty several hours of hitting before it started off to experience awkward and needed to be replaced. Gamers who want something that stays tacky and absorbs moisture quite effectively should really check out this out. Tourna MegaTac will come in a 3 pack, ten pack or thirty pack.


  1. Wilson Professional Overgrip

Wilson Pro Overgrip 3 Pack

This is legitimate traditional when it will come to the overgrip current market. I individually have been utilizing this considering the fact that I very first started off playing tennis. No make any difference what grips are out there I’ve normally observed this overgrip to be a person of the most effective. In addition, this is a person of the most common grips made use of on the professional circuit by ATP and WTA players. From the commencing this grip has a wonderful quantity of tackiness and stretches quite effectively so it’s easier to place on your racquet deal with. In cooler and considerably less humid temperatures this is more best due to the fact it doesn’t shed tackiness as quickly or experience seriously slippery. In 90+ degree temperatures this grip will start to experience slippery quite rapidly and have to have some wait around time so it can dry. The wonderful aspect about this overgrip is its toughness. I could get about fifteen-20 several hours of hitting in before it started off to experience also dirty and shed most of its tackiness. You can get the Wilson Professional Overgrip in a 3 Pack, twelve Pack, thirty Pack, fifty Pack or 60 Pack and in a wide variety of colors.


  1. Yonex Tremendous Grap

Yonex Super Grap 3 Pack

Owning never made use of a Yonex overgrip before, this a person was shocking to say the least. This grip has been obtaining more and more common as time has appear together. I individually observed this grip to have just the suitable quantity of tackiness and stretchiness to in shape my requires. Gamers that usually like the Wilson Professional Overgrip will definitely delight in this Yonex competitor. Equally are comparable in terms of experience and relieve to place on your racquet deal with. The only difference I observed is that the Yonex overgrip does tend to get dirtier a lot quicker and it only lasted me about ten-fifteen several hours on the courtroom. Nonetheless, this grip is best for players that want something tacky/elastic and do not sweat a great deal when they enjoy. You can get the Yonex Tremendous Grap in a 3 Pack, twelve Pack or thirty Pack.


  1. EcoGrip Hi-Tac

EcoGrip Hi Tac 3 Pack

EcoGrip will make an astounding overgrip that is quite special to the tennis current market. Whilst their Hi-Tac grip would seem comparable just from the appear, it’s something completely unique when you in fact use it. The outside texture will experience more like an absorbent overgrip which is type of tough on dry palms. In addition, this grip doesn’t stretch a good deal in comparison to other tacky grips. Nonetheless, when you start sweating the grip absorbs the moisture and turns that into a tacky experience aiding your hand stay more protected. The perforated holes allow for the grip to rapidly dry even as you go on sweating. In terms of toughness I observed this grip to previous about ten-fifteen several hours, but this is in 90+ degree weather conditions. If you do not enjoy continuously in very hot temperatures, the Hi-Tac grip should really easily previous 20-twenty five several hours. The most effective aspect is that when you are concluded you can toss it onto the earth’s soil to decompose. Any players that want to assist conserve the environment, and need something which is tacky as effectively as absorbent will delight in the EcoGrip Hi-Tac overgrip. Out there in a 3 Pack or twelve Pack.     


  1. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Supreme Overgrips 3 Pack

Gamma has been earning overgrips for many several years, but there are normally many alternatives from this brand name. The SupremeTM overgrip is the most effective by much and stands out compared to the relaxation. Gamers will discover this grip to offer a very good quantity of tackiness and toughness at a less expensive price tag level. Equally ends of the overgrip are angled earning it easier for newbies to place on their racquet deal with and it has a very little bit of stretch. In terms of performance I observed it quite tacky in the commencing and it delivered a wonderful quantity of deal with safety. In excess of time nonetheless it appeared to take up the sweat and sunshine also a great deal earning it complicated to maintain my racquet more than thirty minutes at a time. The toughness was superior than envisioned long lasting about ten-fifteen several hours overall, but I’d endorse players utilizing this in moderate or cooler temperatures for superior performance. Gamma Supreme Overgrips appear in a 3 Pack, fifteen Pack or thirty Pack.  


5 Very best Absorbent Overgrips


  1. Tourna Grip


Tourna Grip is a tried using and legitimate traditional absorbent grip that many players normally switch to. No matter whether you’re a professional tour or leisure participant this overgrip is a go-to for these very hot weather conditions ailments. Not like tacky grips, this grip will immediately take up your sweat and never allow the deal with experience slippery. It has a dry regularity enabling easier gripping as you enjoy and sweat, but a person downside is that the grip sheds around time dropping its best levels which is not normally comfy. This grip is also quite elastic allowing for superior stretching potential and earning it quick to wrap all over your racquet deal with. On the toughness side, this grip will previous anyplace from 20-thirty several hours dependent on how a great deal you sweat. The most effective aspect is that this overgrip will come in different dimensions and packs fitting to unique racquet deal with lengths. Gamers can get the common Tourna Grip in a 3 Pack, ten Pack or thirty Pack. There is also Tourna Grip XL which is a very little for a longer period and will come in a 3 Pack, ten Pack, thirty Pack or fifty Pack. For players with extended racquets, there is the Tourna Grip XXL accessible in a 3 Pack, ten Pack, or thirty Pack.


  1. Babolat VS Primary

Babolat VS Original Tennis Overgrip

This overgrip obtained its ticket to fame from Grand Slam Champion Rafael Nadal. Nadal makes use of these grips to offer him with superb sweat absorption and preserve his racquet deal with dry. Very similar to Tourna Grip, VS Primary has a dry regularity allowing it to get in a lot of sweat and not have an effect on your racquet deal with. This is the thinnest grip on the current market with the smoothest outside layer to improve the over-all experience. The smooth outside layer will make it experience nearer to a tacky grip, but the dry substance underneath gives you with more absorption potential. In terms of toughness you will get about fifteen-20 several hours of hitting before it will need to be replaced. For these that aspire to enjoy like Babolat’s biggest tennis players, then the VS Primary is just what you need. The Babolat VS Primary overgrip will come in a 3 Pack or twelve Pack.


  1. Luxilon Elite Dry

Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip 3 Pack

Whilst it is fairly new to the current market, the Luxilon Elite Dry grip is an wonderful grip that most players do not know about yet. It’s built with groundbreaking Delicate Touch cloth and Moisture-Tack technological know-how to offer you with superb experience, comfort and sweat absorption potential. The outside layer has a dry texture to begin with and as you enjoy the grip will get a very little tacky. It doesn’t have a long toughness life (ten-fifteen several hours) considering the fact that it sheds levels around time. But this is continue to a wonderful choice for players that need superior sweat absorption in very hot weather conditions. Gamers that have confidence in Luxilon with their strings should really also have confidence in the brand name with their overgrips. LXN Elite Dry grips appear in a 3 Pack, twelve Pack or thirty Pack.


  1. Volkl V-Dry

Volkl V-Dry 3 Pack Overgrip

Volkl’s V-Dry overgrips provide superior levels of absorbency and cushioning at a decreased price tag level. This grip is built with dry texture properties allowing it to get in greater quantities of sweat from your palms. The main difference is that it has a tech end on the outside layer to give it more protection from filth and sweat. This end is smooth to the contact and will make the grip more comfy to use. After about ten-fifteen several hours of enjoy the best layer wears off and the grip becomes more durable to use due to the fact it starts to experience spongy/wet. I’d endorse players utilizing this grip in the course of cooler/considerably less humid ailments to make it for a longer period long lasting. Volkl V-Dry tennis grips appear in a 3 Pack, twelve Pack or thirty Pack and a wide variety of colors.


  1. Head Prime

Head Prime Overgrip 3 Pack

We know Head to make wonderful tennis racquets, but what about overgrips? Prime is Head’s most prosperous overgrip at any time built and is the most made use of on tour by experts. It’s built to give you superior experience and sweat absorption potential thanks to its specifically engineered elastomer make-up. The grip doesn’t stretch a good deal and is quite thick so it will get some time to get made use of to. At first Prime is quite comfy and doesn’t make your palms experience super dry. As you sweat more, the grip will grow to be a very little slick and considerably less dry sensation. After about ten-twelve several hours of enjoy I observed the grip to get also dirty and slippery earning me want to substitute it. Head Prime overgrips are accessible in a 3 Pack or thirty Pack.


No matter whether you prefer a tacky or absorbent overgrip, just know that there is a person out there for you to use. The previously mentioned grips will give you deal with safety and offer superb gripping potential even in the course of these very hot/humid summer season times. In addition, they are inexpensive to substitute, safeguard your racquet deal with from filth/moisture and appear in wide variety of colors. If you want to appear and enjoy like the experts, purchase an overgrip right now from TennisExpress.com.

Participate in Tester: Chris Virk-Brown

Chris Virk-Brown HeadshotTop: 5′ 11″
Fat: 205 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5
Plays: Proper Handed, Two-Handed Backhand

Track record: I started off the sport of tennis in ninth grade right after playing basketball and baseball. As a result of hard work and dedication, I played four several years on my varsity staff at Liberty Substantial School in Eldersburg, MD, whilst also playing junior tournaments any time I could. I was fortuitous more than enough to get recruited to enjoy at Neumann College and enjoy four several years of Division III collegiate tennis. When at Neumann I was in a position to acquire my degree in Promoting and assist our staff progress twice to the NCAA match. After acquiring my undergrad degree, I was in a position to go after my Master’s degree in Typical Administration at Elmira Higher education and coach collegiate tennis. Afterwards I went on to coach at Cabrini College and then teach in a wide variety of outstanding venues with Peter Burwash Intercontinental. Now, in my spare time, I mostly enjoy USTA Leagues and Tournaments to go on taking pleasure in the sport I enjoy.


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