ACACIA Signature I – Tyler -Solar – Mens 6.0 / Womens 7.5

Price: $139.99

Introducing Acacia’s newest pickleball shoe that is not only their lightest, but also the most agile one to date. The upper is made from ProFlex material, an elastopolymer fiber membrane that offers a flexible and comfortable support structure for the shoe. To enhance durability, there is a thermally bonded and stitched wrap-around drag guard made from high-grade leather.

An additional feature of the shoe is the PlusLace offset eyelet, which gives the option to create a tighter connection at the top of the foot. This allows for lacing techniques that reinforce the heel, while still being able to loosen the lower laces to relieve pressure.

The Acacia emblem and loops on the tongue and heel make it easy to adjust and get the perfect fit. The PROgrip tread extends around the shoe, providing traction, comfort, and support during lateral movements. The shoe also features Micro-honeycomb (MicroHC) mesh material, which improves airflow and ventilation above the toes for added breathability.

For stability and support during rapid lateral movements, the shoe incorporates Heel Control Stability (HCS) with an exceptionally strong heel counter. The inner lining is made from durable ballistic nylon, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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