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Babolat Men’s Movea Padel Shoes-Support and Cushioning-2 Powerful Straps-Breathable Ortholite Sole-French Brand-Grey/Scuba Blue, 9.5 AU

Price: $147.72

Introducing the Movea, a perfect padel shoe to enhance your performance. This shoe is designed with numerous reinforcements, ensuring unmatched stability for all your journeys to the padel court. Whether you are returning an outgoing ball or defending a difficult angle, the Movea makes it easier than ever before!

One essential feature of the Movea is the KPRS-X system. Every padel player knows the importance of protecting their heels during matches and training. With the KPRS-X system and its EVA foam insert under the heel, you can expect unparalleled cushioning and ultimate protection.

The Ortholite Breathable Sole is another highlight of these sports shoes. The Ortholite foam insole formulation provides exceptional comfort, breathability, and durability. This makes the Movea the ideal choice for prolonged and intense padel practice sessions.

For optimal midfoot support and specialized lateral leg play in padel, these men’s padel shoes come with two powerful wraparound power straps. These straps ensure that your feet are well-supported during intense gameplay.

Utilizing Ortholite Die Cut Technology, the Movea offers exceptional comfort, breathability, and durability. The foam composition of the OrthoLite die cut insole is specially designed to provide you with long-lasting comfort and reliable performance on the padel court.

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