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Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 25 WAVEKNIT™ | neutral Support Running Shoe |Eco Friendly Materials | Waveknit- Cayenne/Phlox Pink | US 12

Price: $139.95 - $77.82

Designed for runners with a neutral gait seeking supreme comfort and long-lasting performance, this high mileage running shoe incorporates HTML tags to enhance its features:

High mileage running shoe for comfort and durability

Built for runners with a neutral gait, this running shoe offers an exceptional blend of comfort and durability. Its HTML-enhanced features are as follows:

  • Engineered Mesh Jacquard Upper: Crafted from a seamless and ultra-lightweight fabric, this upper provides unmatched breathability and flexibility, ensuring 5-star comfort even during your longest runs.
  • Proprietary Midsole with ENERZY and U4ic foams: Our specially engineered midsole combines ENERZY and U4ic foams to deliver an optimal balance between cushioning and shock absorption. Experience a euphoric run like never before.
  • MIZUNO WAVE technology: The eco-friendly MIZUNO WAVE plate, made from bio-based materials, efficiently disperses energy from impact, providing both cushioning and energy return for an enhanced running experience.
  • X10 Outsole: The outsole features durable carbon rubber, offering superior traction and ensuring longer wear. Conquer any terrain with confidence.

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