Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 26 | Neutral Running Shoe | White/Vapor Grey | US 8.5

Price: $139.95

This content is designed for high mileage runners with a neutral gait who prioritize durability while also seeking comfort and breathability. The HTML tags have been preserved.

This shoe features an engineered jacquard mesh upper, which is made from recycled materials, offering exceptional breathability and durability for athletes who require high performance.

The MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM, derived from natural sources, provides versatility without compromising on softness and resilience. It contributes to overall performance enhancement.

Our shoe incorporates the plant-based MIZUNO WAVE plate, which efficiently disperses energy from impacts across a wider surface, maximizing stability and cushioning.

The X10 outsole, made from highly durable carbon rubber, ensures extended wear, guaranteeing your comfort on the roads for longer periods.

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