Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky 7 Running Shoe, Black-Silverstar, 8

Price: $169.95

MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: Experience the benefits of our new innovative midsole material, MIZUNO ENERZY CORE. This material is designed to provide exceptional resiliency and softness, delivering ultimate comfort and enhanced performance. Feel the spring in your step as you drive towards optimum performance.
MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): Our versatile MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM offers a perfect balance of softness and resilience. No matter how it is applied, this foam will contribute to improved performance capabilities, ensuring you can push your limits to the fullest.
MIZUNO WAVE: Say goodbye to the woes of impact energy with MIZUNO WAVE. Our innovative wave plate disperses energy over a wider surface area, creating a stable platform and superior cushioning. Enjoy a comfortable and secure stride with every step you take.
X10 Outsole: Choose durability with our X10 Outsole. Crafted from carbon rubber, this outsole ensures longer wear, providing a reliable and long-lasting option for all your athletic needs.
Stretch Woven Upper: Experience ultimate flexibility and comfort with our stretch woven upper. This material allows for effortless movement and a personalized fit, ensuring that your feet stay happy and supported.

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