Propet Women’s TravelBound Sneaker, Green Apple, 7 XX-Wide

Price: $84.95

  1. Removable footbed: This feature allows you to easily remove and replace the footbed.
  2. Flexible: The shoe easily bends and adjusts to the movement of your feet.
  3. Stretchable: The shoe’s material has stretch properties to accommodate different foot sizes and shapes.
  4. Diabetic Friendly: The shoe is designed with features that provide comfort and support for individuals with diabetes.
  5. Slim stretch collar with a heel tab and elastic and toggle closure: The shoe has a narrow stretchable collar with a tab at the heel, allowing for easy wearing and adjustment with an elastic and toggle closure.
  6. Lightweight and durable EVA and rubber outsole: The sole of the shoe is made from EVA and rubber, making it lightweight and long-lasting.
  7. Flat: The shoe has a flat sole design, providing a stable and even surface for your feet.

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