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Tennis Dampeners & Shock Absorbers For Your Racquet [In Depth Guide]

Tennis vibration dampeners – they’re the accessory of selection for many execs and 1000’s of recreational players throughout the globe but do they actually do anything at all to your racquet? Or are they purely beauty?
Not only that, do they help your activity? Will they improve your strokes? Will they protect against tennis elbow?
And if they are a ought to-have piece of package, is there these types of detail as the finest vibration dampener for your racquet?
All that and more in this in-depth guideline to vibration dampeners. Let’s get a appear.

What is a Tennis Vibration Dampener?

Let’s start out with what it is. A vibration dampener is a tiny piece of silicon rubber that is inserted into a tennis racquet’s string bed in the vicinity of the throat of the racquet.
If you shift your eyes to the remaining of the image higher than, you are going to see she Julia Goerges has a single on her Babolat Pure Push.
These mini shock absorbers to start with produced an appearance way back again in 1964, when Rene Lacoste produced the quite to start with vibration dampener called the Tanti-Vibration Dampener as an support for injuries avoidance.

Normally, other brand names adopted go well with to produce their own versions of dampeners, and it is grow to be a extensively utilised modern-day-day tennis accessory.
Nowadays they go by lots of names, and you are going to listen to them called vibration dampers, absorbers, dampeners, worms, damps, rubber bands, shock absorbers, and doughnuts.
Companies even like to place their own spin on it with phrases like “Pro Damp” which is made to make you consider you’re having anything better than a standard a single 😀
Regardless of how they’re named, all of these phrases describe the similar detail a item made to lessen the total of vibration from the strings following you make get in touch with with the ball.
What Does a Dampener Do On A Tennis Racquet?

If you surveyed a single hundred players on why they use vibration dampener or what it does, you would get a selection of responses from altering the way it feels, curing tennis elbow, cutting down vibration and common injuries avoidance.
Nonetheless, the reason most players have when they use vibration dampeners is simply because it variations the “ping” audio following the ball helps make an impression with the racquet.
The rubber dulls or muffles the audio, and for most players, this is for psychological/auditory wellbeing than a actual physical reason.
From my practical experience, they do make a big big difference on the audio, and if you have at any time experienced a single pop out in the course of a rally, you quickly know it is not in there when you listen to that pinging audio on the following shot.
Some players detest that audio, which is why dampeners are so common on tour and throughout tennis clubs all over the world.
Do Tennis Vibration Dampeners Prevent Harm or Tennis Elbow?

So if these shock absorbers lessen vibration, they ought to protect against injuries or help ease tennis elbow suitable? Perfectly, lots of players feel this is the situation, but the solution is no.
Dampeners do not help tennis elbow, transform rigidity, improve string durability, raise electrical power include spin or any of the other gains you could have seen touted in other places.
The cause this false impression has distribute is because of to producers working with phrases in their marketing to make you consider taking part in devoid of a vibration dampener is leaving you open to all types of elbow issues. 
It then only can take a single respected club member to place a dampener in their racquet, sing it is praises and right before you know it just about every other club member is working with a single 😆
Nonetheless, a lot of pieces of unbiased investigation have revealed that string dampers do not lessen the total of racquet body vibration that you will sense in your forearm, they only lessen the total of vibration of the strings. That’s why the acoustic effects.
Investigation from Taiwan to England shows that the dampening system is too tiny to actually lessen body vibration. String dampers do not lessen the total of racquet body vibration gained in the forearm, They stay a preferred accessory amid tennis players simply because of their acoustic effects and psychological aid, fairly than any mechanical advantage. Dr. Francois-Xavier Li, College of Birmingham University of Activity and Physical exercise Sciences.
The cause why there is no reduction in vibration from the body is that vibration dampeners are simply just too tiny to have any kind of result.
Irrespective of this investigation, the myth that vibration dampeners will lessen body vibration and protect against tennis elbow nonetheless persists.
From my own practical experience of taking part in with and devoid of a dampener, I observed zero big difference to the arm friendliness.
The only rationalization I can give is that some players find that ping audio more jarring, which probably translates into contemplating their elbow is possessing to soak it up. 
Putting on a dampener muffles the audio and probably results in a placebo result.
Nonetheless, no matter what vibration dampener you place on your stringbed if you’re working with a body that is too weighty, too rigid or a string that is harsh like polyester, this all has a considerable impression on the shock and vibration your arm endures which no tiny piece of silicon can impression.

If you’re struggling from tennis elbow, I would endorse looking into arm welcoming racquets and the form of tennis string you’re working with.
Most producers create a line of racquets that have crafted-in dampening homes to their frames that give better shock absorption.

Where by Do You Set a Vibration Dampener?

Supplied there usually are not lots of spots on a racquet you can install a dampener devoid of it negatively interfering with the ball, you would not consider there’d require to be any regulations on it.
Nonetheless, according to the USTA’s Formal Principles of Tennis and the ITF rulebook, a vibration-damping system “may only be placed exterior the sample of the crossed strings” (Rule four, Circumstance three).
Thus, lawfully it can only be equipped in a single of 3 destinations.

At the quite leading of the racquet, nonetheless, there is rarely adequate place there.
At the severe remaining or suitable of the body, which will not appear to be quite logical. Though a dampener only weighs ~5g and probably will not influence the harmony of the body drastically, possessing it in the center of racquet head just appears to be odd. I also consider you could continue to keep looking at it in the corner of your eye in the course of the shot.
In close proximity to the throat of the racquet right before the to start with cross string as per the image higher than. The only logical place.

There are no regulations on the shape, but it has to be a sensible sizing.
What Other Affect Can a Dampener Have on a Racquet?

Apart from the impression on the audio of the ball at get in touch with, the only region a dampener can influence is the sense of the racquet. 
The reduction of sensation is maybe a single of the downsides of possessing a vibration dampener on a tennis racquet as you don’t sense the ball as well on your strings.
This boils down to purely personal desire although some players enjoy a muted response, many others genuinely want to sense the ball on the strings so irrespective of whether it is excellent or bad is for you to test and decide.
Personally, when I engage in with a dampener on, I consider you get fewer suggestions on how well you strike the shot.
You get a to some degree muted audio regardless if you strike a screamer in the center of the sweet place or you strike off centre, so I normally engage in devoid of a single. The audio is distinctive and is somewhat more grating on the ears, but you get utilised to it.
What Are The Diverse Kinds of Vibration Dampener?

Vibration dampeners appear in 3 principal styles:

Button Dampeners

Button dampeners are usually round (occasionally square or minimize out like a brand names logo) like a button and are the more generally seen compared to the worm type.
Most execs go with these as they’re quick to fit, which usually means removing and putting a single in a freshly strung racquet right before a ball transform is a position you can do strolling back again to the services line.
Well-known button dampeners involve the Djokovic dampener from Head, Dunlop’s spider dampener, to aid the marketing initiatives all around their preferred Black Widow poly string and the Sampras Tourna Dampener.
The only adverse is that button dampeners do fly out in the course of engage in from mishits. They are only held in location by two principal strings, so if you make get in touch with in the vicinity of the throat, then you are going to be possessing to look for all around the court for it. So recall to continue to keep a couple of spares in your bag.
Worm Dampeners

The other popular form of vibration dampener is identified as a “worm” dampener. This form of dampener is prolonged and slim, and it is equipped by weaving it between numerous strings.
As a result, it is in get in touch with with more of the stringbed and makes more of a dampening result on the audio.
Compared to button dampeners they are a little bit faffy to fit, but once they’re in, usually they will not appear out.
Well-known worm dampeners involve the Gamma Shockbuster and the Head Smartsorb.
Elastic Bands

If you were being a lover of Andre Agassi, then you’re probably common with his Do it yourself dampener – the elastic band. 
Agassi tied a rubber band to his strings, and it has the similar result as a rubber dampener. It could not appear as great, you are unable to get a single with a logo or smiley experience on, but they do the similar position.
The dampening is just not pretty as significant as you get from a button dampener, but the thicker the band, the more considerable result it has.
Andre evidently utilised a band as he didn’t like the way rubber dampeners felt so rather utilised a sizing sixty four rubber band.
If you want to use a rubber band dampener, here’s how to fasten it to your racquet.

How To Put in a Vibration Damper

The denser the string sample, the more difficult dampeners are to fit, but normally they’re uncomplicated to install. The only time I find them troublesome is on a freshly strung racquet with stiffer strings as they do have to have a little bit of force to budge.
The button dampeners are much easier as you just press the slot of the damper into a single of your principal strings as much it will go, then both bend the dampener or pull the reverse principal string until eventually it slots into the other aspect. Then slide it up on to your to start with cross string.
The worm types can be somewhat fiddly and are finest explained in this movie underneath. 

Do Specialist Gamers Use Dampeners?

Hundreds of skilled players use vibration dampeners nonetheless, there are two noteworthy absentees. Roger Federer will not use a single, and neither does Serena Williams.
Federer did use a single back again in the day, but it fell out once, and he never place it back again, indicating the audio irritated him at to start with, but he received utilised to it.
He does, nonetheless, use Electricity Pads which have a related, while not pretty as spectacular result at nullifying the audio.
If we appear at the current leading twenty on the men’s aspect, sixty% use a dampener the other forty% don’t. You can see the breakdown in the table underneath.
Employs a Vibration Dampener?
N. Djokovic
Yes, Head Djokovic Dampener

R. Nadal
Yes, Babolat Personalized Moist

D. Thiem
R. Federer
D. Medvedev
Yes, Tecnifibre Vibra Clip ATP Vibration Dampener

S. Tsitsipas
A. Zverev
Yes, Head Zverev Dampener

M. Berrettini
Yes, Head Xtra Moist

G. Monfils
Yes, Luxilon Legacy Dampener

D. Goffin
F. Fognini
Yes, Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener 
R. Bautista Agut
D. Schwartzman
A. Rublev
Yes, Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener 
K. Khachanov
Yes, Kimony QuakeBuster

D. Shapovalov
S. Wawrinka
Yes, Yonex Vibration Dampener 

C. Garin
Yes, Luxilon Legacy Vibration Dampener

G. Dimitrov
F. Auger Aliassime
Yes, Babolat Personalized Moist

6 Advisable Vibration Dampeners For 2020

Beneath I’ve highlighted 6 of the most popular vibration dampeners utilised on the ATP and WTA excursions, and they’re all stable possibilities.
I’ve experienced a couple of emails in the earlier from individuals inquiring if I can endorse the finest dampener obtainable, but it is unachievable to give any item the crown of ‘best vibration dampener’.
All you’re having is a piece of silicon, so they’re completely interchangeable.
In the grand plan of factors, it is a rather trivial detail to get suitable on your racquet, so my suggestion is just to select your favourite structure.
Just recall the button type muffles the audio fewer than a worm type as it covers much less strings.
Wilson Pro Really feel Dampener

Check Value

The Pro Really feel dampener can take the shape of the legendary W logo and is a single you will see utilised by a selection of pro’s who are sponsored by or working with Wilson racquets.
Easy to fit/eliminate and it arrives in numerous colours to enhance your racquet or string position.
Head Pro Moist

Check Value

This is Novak’s dampener of selection while his variation is orange and arrives with the Serbian eagle on a single aspect.
You can also buy a Djokovic variation with the Djokovic “D”  logo on.  They are usually bought in packs of two and appear in a wide variety of colours.
Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener 

Check Value

The dampener produced well known by Pistol Pete is the Tourna Dampener. It truly is also where by the nickname for the item ‘doughnut’ arrives from.
A uncomplicated structure and a single you see a ton of execs working with alongside TournaGrip overgrips.
It has “Pete Sampras” printed together the sides, and they usually appear in black, pink or white.
Tecnifibre Vibra Clip ATP Vibration Dampener

Check Value

The Technifibre Vibra Clip is a single of the more special styles of vibration dampener and it is utilised by a selection of execs together with Daniil Medvedev.
Weighing in at just 2 grams, it is incredibly mild and has a somewhat distinctive fastening procedure which locks it in location.
Babolat Personalized Dampener

Check Value

The dampener of selection for Rafael Nadal to match his racquet is the Babolat Personalized Moist.
This a single is an exceptional selection for players who want to engage in all around with the stage of dampening as you can eliminate the clear rubber piece in the center for more ball sense or continue to keep it for excess dampening.
Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener

Check Value

The Gamma Shokcbuster II is a vibration dampener with a new twin-tube structure which was created to get in touch with more region of the principal strings for an enhanced dampening result.
Not my favourite but for all those who like to nullify the audio of the string, this is a excellent selection.
Luxilon Legacy Dampener

Check Value

Employed by numerous execs like Gael Monfils, the Luxilon Legacy Dampener has a  dense silicon construction, this gives a quite clean and dampened sense.
This is quite related to the primary Vibra Stopper O dampener that utilised to appear bundled in with Luxilon strings for lots of decades but regrettably no more!
What About Some of the Diverse Dampeners To Strike the Industry?

In current decades I’ve seen pretty a couple of new type dampeners strike the market place, some have even tried using to raise cash by way of Kickstarter and various other crowdfunding internet sites.
Nonetheless, my challenge with these is they all make outlandish statements and don’t offer you anything at all distinctive to what is presently out there.
Choose for example the ADV Dampener pictured higher than. You get 3 in a pack to experiment, but they’re marketed as a feat of engineering. Whilst they appear great adequate, they’re no better than a uncomplicated button dampener.
The other difficulty with this type of a dampener is that they’re not a universal fit and will not perform on particular string designs or spacing.
Whilst I don’t consider it is a bad item, I just are unable to see the price tag justification compared to the dampeners that have been obtainable for decades.
Really should You Use a Vibration Dampener?

Dampeners are all about personal desire. Some players like them, other’s don’t. But provided the rather lower value of shopping for a single, it is worth testing out.
In the long run they’re to some degree of a misnomer as they dampen string vibrations, not body shock, and so do not protect against injuries.
So although It truly is not a item that is heading to improve your activity, it could create more of a pleasurable audio to your ears and if you get pleasure from the aesthetics of introducing them to your racquet, give them a try out!
Bear in mind if you are a player who likes the ‘pock’ audio then use a worm dampener, players who only want a quieter ping need to use a button dampener and all those who want a loud ping need to use absolutely nothing.
What are your thoughts on vibration dampeners? Permit me know in the opinions.

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